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Now, I'm not one of those internet marketing gurus who claims they can drive millions of visitors to a website, and then you find out that how they do it is they buy outrageously expensive adwords ads, or do tons of complicated and tedious search engine optimization, or annoy the heck out of people by using sneaky popunder or pop over ads (you know PPV) or by using web 2.0 or article writing stuff like that to  get all of those visitors. 

Nope!  That's NOT Me!!  That's just too darn much work!

My Honest Advice:

"By Hook or By Crook, You Must Get Traffic That Converts To Sales..."

You know.. I've been at this a while and I've talked to and listened to a lot of internet marketers, who really claim to be experts at all of this... but what I almost immediately discover when I talk to these guys is... they ar working like 14 hours a day.  And you know, that's just like some kind of disconnect you know?  I mean if they have to work like 14 hours a day... why in the world then, would I want to do what they are trying to tell me to do to help me with my business.  I mean... it doesn't seem to be helping them out too much now does it?

So, our goal is to get that passive income without having to work for it.  And obviously we want to make a lot of money so it will fund our lifestyle.

And I know there's a ton of people out there claiming they have some secret system, but here's the thing, the basic concept of this method that I'm about to share with you has been around for about as long as the internet has been around. 

And many of the biggest businesses that I can think, of have been using this same system and that's because it IS so incredibly powerful. 

And my theory is, the reason that these monsterly big business stick with this website marketing strategy is, is simply because it is so easy to automate.  I mean, like obviously they have plenty of other things going on, and they are experts at tapping into the most effective and most automated systems in existence, so you know, they found this strategy, and they've stuck with it, and will keep sticking with it because it flat out works and it? not going away, ever.

In other words, this is not some dumb flaky fad!!

Fact #1 - Web 2.0 Traffic Cannot Be Automated!!

It's really funny how nobody talks about this dreadful fact... Maybe that's because there are tons of people on the web 2.0 bandwagon, and .... sure, it's free and its supposed to be easy... but it simply cannot be automated.  So if you've built your business on Web 2.0 networks like  Myspace, Facebook & Twitter, then great.  But I feel sorry for you because you're not going to have an automated business, and it's going to suck the life out of you just trying to keep it going.  And you probably already know that, because you constantly have to update your status and profile just to get even a tiny bit of exposure.

Now think about Myspace for just a minute.  if you had built your whole business around MySpace a couple of years ago when it was all the rage, because it was free and trendy.... but what happened?  the crowd moved.  They went to places like Facebook and Twitter.  And there will always be others just like these, always coming and going.  So for the poor souls who built everything around that, their traffic all got killed when that happened.  So great... now you have to reinvent yourself again.  But you really don't have to reinvent yourself if you built it on a simple website marketing strategy using an automated rapid exposure system, because you get your ads on everybody else's site. 

Fact #2 - Most Traffic (paid and/or free) Is Bad Quality Traffic!

Unless you know what you are doing in your site marketing strategies, your traffic will be lousy.  Sure, you can drive like 50,000 visitors to your site every day, using Adwords, but it could be very bad quality traffic and probably most of them won't buy anything from you.  So what do you do then?

What do you do when you get your Web 2.0 traffic and nobody buys anything from you? 

What are you going to do if you buy email opt-in traffic from a newsletter owner, and you mail out a blast to like a million people... well you know.. you've got to realize  that the same company that just sold you that 1 million email blast, also sells blasts to their same people to other marketers every single day.  I'm mean, don't you think those people on that list are pretty burned out by the time they get your email ad?  That's what I mean by bad quality traffic.  And it's a big problem.  And tons of marketers have no idea that a loss they are taking by relying on it.

Fact #3 - You Must Compete With Hundreds & Even Thousands Of Other Sites For Every Single Visitor

You know, take Adwords for example everybody in their grandmother is bidding on ads and driving the costs through the roof!   I mean, I have seen costs per click as high as $69!

So the way to get out of that internet trap that most people find themselves in and finally get thousands, even millions of targeted visitors, is to use an automated rapid exposure system. 

And basically what an automated rapid exposure system does is... it uses traffic from the biggest, busiest traffic sources on the planet...

And we just let those traffic sources do the work for us!

So what if we could go out and get our ads on like 300 or more people's websites?  Think about that for just a minute.  When we do that, we are guaranteed that every single day, laser targeted traffic will come in.

Meanwhile everybody else is out there doing Facebook and MySpace and SEO and blog commenting and article writing and all of that, while WE don't have to do anything!  Our work is DONE!!

When we do that... we don't have to worry anymore.  And even if... you know, like 5 or 10 of those sites went down?  What if they got google slapped or something?  We still have like 280 or 290 sites brining in traffic.

So I say... forget about Facebook, MySpace, and all of that other stupid stuff.  You know, I personally have nothing against those sites personally, but as far as milking traffic from's a whole different ball game and you know, you've got to be ready for results or no results. 

This Secret Is A Closely Held Website Marketing Strategy That Your Competition Doesn't Even Know About!

Today, it's over! The secret is revealed for the first time.  You finally automate your traffic completely and just site back and watch the profits roll in. 

"Get Into The Automated Rapid Exposure System"


Thousands of Daily Visitors Automatically

Massive Natural SEO Backlinks Automatically

Build A Massive Email List Automatically

Brand Building

Wildly Diversify Your Business

Revenue Sharing From Future Partnerships

So Let Me Ask You...


What Would Your Life Look Like....


  • If you had 300 or even 30000 visitors coming to your site every day on autopilot by using the automated rapid exposure system?

  • What if you could trade $20 for $380 in profit?  How many time a day would you be willing to make that kind of a trade?

  • What if you could get the best exposure, the best qualified traffic instead of just the lookers, and not the buyers?

  • What if you never had to worry about finding traffic again?

  • What if you could wake up and have sales by breakfast?  knowing that today, you're going to get a consistent steady stream of buying traffic? just like you did yesterday, just like you did the day before and you will the next day and so on.


So who will this work for?

Well if you don't have a market yet, it will work for you.  

if you are an affiliate marketer.  You know everybody is out there trying to get Adwords traffic and spending like 80 cents to 1.50 a click to drive traffic to a 20 dollar product that they get like 50% commission... I mean, obviously that's a losing game, and you can't make a profit doing that.  I mean, they'd be better off dropping everything and just  go buy Google stock because they'd make more money with the stock than they would with that kind of Adword game.

So if you are an affiliate marketer, this is a great system for you because you get an unfair advantage over all the other affiliates.  You can go into a market where all kinds of affiliates are just buying google traffic and it's costing them an arm and a leg and they're not making any money , and you go in and systematically use this automated rapid exposure system and get tons of traffic  for practically nothing.  Too good to be true?  Well I've got proof that it's not. 

This will work for you if you're sick of traffic that won't buy your stuff. 

If you want to automate your traffic the right way.... because once you've got an ad on a site that is profitable, you're work is done.  It's like a little oil well that just keeps pumping profits out for you, and you just sit back and collect.  It's like... the ad is profitable... I pay like $20 bucks a and it brings me in like $380 in new sales. So there's no work left on that one, it's an automated cash machine.  

And this is for someone who wants to build a business on a time tested system and not the latest fad. 

So let's look at the advantage of the Automated Rapid Exposure system.


You basically decide how much to buy ad space for  and can spend as little or as much as you want.  It's kind of like making a little trade.  The way this traffic and these sites work is, if you want like to make $380 today, then you would probably go and pay like $20 bucks.  If you want to make like $39,400 in a month, then you'd pay like $200 a week.  Now I don't know who wouldn't make a trade like that!  That's because This system offers an amazing return on investment like nothing else I've ever seen.

So how much is this worth to you?

Well, lets look at it from my favorite perspective....  

What if you added 10,000 new subscribers to your email list a week from this traffic, and just 2% convert to a sale on a $20 product?  that's $39,400 in a single month!  And what if I told you that it only cost you $800 total generate that $39,400 for ad cost?  That's only $200 a week ad cost and I can show you how all of these numbers will work in your favor every single time.  

And seriously, $39,400 in profit in a month is like what a lot of people make in a year.. and this systems allows you to do it in a month! 

So could you quit your job?


Now, let's be clear.  I'm not guaranteeing that you'll make anything because obviously, if you do nothing, you'll make nothing.  You obviously need to take action.  And the reality is, you could do more or less than these figures.  It's up to you.  I can give you the car, the gas and the keys, but if you don't turn the key and step on the gas, the car obviously won't go very far.  But, when you get in this car, turn the key and step on the gas, you will go places.  There is no question about that!  The question is, how far do YOU want to go?  That alone is up to you!

"Sold, Tell Me The Price!"

OK, but first, let me tell you what you get...

I'll show you the free program that tells you which sites are making you money.  You don't need to worry about complicated tracking... just use one little program that I will show you.  So all you have to do is monitor it, to see how your ads are doing and if they are making a lot of money, then buy more traffic, and if you're not on one, then leave it.  It's as simple as that.


I'll show you sites in your market you don't want to go after. 

I'll show you how to turn this into a set and forget money machine

I'll show you how to automate this traffic. 

I'll show you how to get site owners literally begging you to run your ads. And you'll even be able to get the ads for your price, not theirs.  It's all because they will be addicted to your ad money...even though it's not much, they'll want it.  and beg you for it.  so you'll always have tons of sites running your ads for you.

I'll give you my proven templates that gets massive amounts of opt ins on your list.  And I'll give you free ad creating tools that you can use even if you have no skill whatsoever in the ad creation area.

So here's the deal on the cost.. What if you only made $39,400 in the next 12 months, then 20% would be fair...$7,880  would that be fair, right?   Well, here's the thing,  I decided $7,880 would be too much.  And I'm actually in the process of turning this into part of my coaching program that teaches this system and some of my other secrets for $3,997.00.  I know that's a lot of money. 

But you're NOT going to have to pay that either.    But it's worth it even if you did. 

And the problem is, I already have a coaching program, but it's full, and when it's over, I've already booked it up again when this one is done.  Here's what I'm going to do.  I'm not going to charge you anything like that. I'm going to give you my automated rapid exposure system ($997.00 VALUE) AND YOU  don't have to pay $1000 for it, you don't have to pay the $8000 for the coaching program.    

  • I'm going to give you my automated rapid exposure system ($997.00 VALUE) AND YOU  don't have to pay $1000 for it, you don't have to pay the $8000 for the coaching program.

  • I'm going to give you my proven landing page template that gets me between 50%-60% opt ins without fail and builds my list by the 10s of thousands - all you do is tweak it for your offer and use it.  ($97 value)

  • I'm going to give you my list of free resources, software, tools and utilities so you won't need to spend needless money on buying extra software.

  • I'm going to give you 3 bonus tutorials just to make sure you have everything you need to make it all work together.

  • I'm giving you a 30 day risk free guarantee.... I honestly believe this system will change your life, because it has for me. That's why I want to give you a full 30 day risk free guarantee

PLUS>>>>  FREE Bonuses:

  • A Compelling Guide That Shows You How To Use CPA To Make Money Right Now!

  • A Compelling System That Allows You To Get A Stampede Of Herds of 100% Targeted Buyers Straight To YOUR Websites!

  • A Powerful Step by Step Tutorial on How to Start an Instant (Online) Business with Zero Upfront Cost 

  • Total Lead Domination -  How To Generate 20+ Free Leads a Day With Only 30 Minutes Per Day Time Investment!


So here's what it's going to cost....  3 easy payments of $67.00 - NOPE!


You know, that's fair after all there's like an hour of personal coaching on some of my most valuable trade secrets and honestly, when I coach, I charge upwards of $1000 an hour.. that's how important and valuable what i teach is.


But what I decided to do is this...


1 investment of just $67.00



And why? What's the catch... Well no catch really, other than I know this can change your life, and I love getting positive feedback and I truly believe in providing seriously valuable and useful information that you can use... today.  And I know that most of you out there don't have the kind of money that other people would actually charge for this kind of information and coaching.  But I'm not like a lot of other people.  I believe in helping others.  so that's my motivation here for making this so affordable for you.  


So it's just one investment of $67


So this is without a doubt  the refreshing breakthrough we've all been waiting for!


What does this mean? Simply put?   NO MERCY.  

And I'm going to let you look over my shoulders as I show you how to legally make money from home on the internet and stuff your pockets and bank account with serious profits that will make you the envy of everyone you know.


This is NOT a dumb short report that leaves you hanging. This is hands-on video based training, packed with Videos where you simply do this, then do that, then feel the thrill like fast car ride when you see the results.  Everything you need  to take your income into the next level is at your fingertips.


Absolutely nothing is held back.  And remember, you can do this!


There's no geeky techie stuff. 


It's quite simple.  I show you everything.  You don't need to figure out ANY of the tricky stuff to get massive amounts of revenue.

All you need is someone to SHOW you and talk you through the moves to get results exactly like this:

All you need to do is follow me as I show you  the exact process that makes me over $1,313 a day, every single day on auto-pilot from home on the internet.


And I guarantee that You'll be flat out amazed, and even pleasantly surprised how simple this is and easy to do, and how quickly it will generate profit from home for you. 



So here's what I need to do ... as soon as you click the link at the bottom of this video right now and as soon as your measly 1 investment of $67 is processed, I'm going to take you right to that page and you're going to get access to and literally be setting up traffic deals with sites right away.  And I'm telling you... this works.  and this will work for you. ok?  and I want you to finally succeed with this.  So here's the deal... click the link right now and go over to the next page and take advantage of this right away before I take it off the market or raise the price to $97 because this literally is that refreshing breakthrough that you've been looking for to get you the traffic you want  and stop focusing on all this stuff that never works and is not proven...  This is your day.. and you've got better days ahead of you, so join me on the other side and I look forward to your success stories that the automated rapid exposure system has worked for you and increased your business, because I thrive on that stuff.,


NOT $7,880...

NOT $3,997...

NOT $997...

NOT $97...

NOT even 3 easy payments of  $67...

Just a Measly ONE-TIME *$67* If You Act Now!


Let's have a beautiful day together!  I'll see you on the inside!

"Uncover The Automated Rapid Exposure Website Marketing Secrets  Now!"

You Will Never Look Back Again!

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